"To live is to be willing to die over and over again."

-Pema Chodron


I am Jessie Levine. I am a dancer, choreographer, and teacher of yoga, dance, and life. I am a powerful, passionate creature dedicated to self-development and unconditional love. I empower others to be willing to confront the obstacles that stop them, so they can discover and embrace their authentic, beautiful selves.

As a young kid, I was emotional and sensitive. I grew up as a competitive gymnast, an atmosphere in which it was not okay to not do things perfectly. I had tough coaches, and was an even tougher coach to myself. If I didn’t perform well, I wasn’t well for some time. If I was afraid of a new skill, I was ashamed. If I did not succeed, I was not good enough for myself. And so it went like this for a long time. I transitioned into dance late in high school, and continued on into college. As I got better and better at dance, I got more critical of myself. After moving to LA to pursue dance as a career, I realized how much of a toll this was taking on me. I found yoga during college, but could not quite afford to do it regularly in a way that was beneficial. In LA, I found a studio I loved, and jumped right in to get my yoga teacher training certification. I had already been teaching dance and fitness for at least 5 years at that point, and was ready to take it into yoga. That was until, it completely changed my life. Through yoga I didn’t find another side job, or a new workout - I found myself. I found how to accept myself in a way I couldn’t have previously imagined.

Since then, while dance is still in my heart, yoga has driven me forward. Over the last 6 years in LA, I have danced on a handful of dance companies, been on tour with a circus company, performed and choreographed for shows like Carnival and Club Jeté, danced with burlesque groups and musicians like the Toledo Show, performed acrobatics with Eclipse of Troupe Vertigo, and completed a blindfolded acrobatic obstacle course on a show called “Superhuman” on FOX (and more! See resume below). I have taught at yoga, fitness, and dance studios all across LA (I used to drive like 5 hours a day!). But my real passion, is to bring this sense of acceptance, awareness, and power that I have found through yoga, and my own personal journey, to as many people as possible.

Now, I run yoga retreats. These retreats are designed for women, to confront and embrace themselves as they are - beautiful and whole. (See Take It Off.) I host Yoga Teacher Training programs. These programs are designed for dancers, to honor and listen to their bodies in an entirely new way, and to connect to their truth more fully, without the noise of the industry. (See Yoga Teacher Training.) I offer yoga and dance workshops that are infused with self-discovery and development. These workshops are designed for anyone who likes to move, and is working to better themselves in any way. (See Get To Know Yourself.) I teach weekly classes at studios everywhere from Hollywood to Sherman Oaks. (See Schedule.) I choreograph videos and performances that embody all of this connectedness through aesthetic and challenging movement. (See Videos.) I coach and guide my students and mentees through their own hardships, encouraging responsibility and honesty.

Mostly, I am honest and vulnerable. I wear my heart on my sleeve, not only because I have to, but because I know that through that, I get to learn, grow, and experience. And what’s more, is I get to use that to share with and serve others.

Life is tough. I am willing to get knocked down, if that means I get to grow. And through this willingness, WE get to grow together.




  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

  • The Landmark Forum + Advanced Course

  • EYE: Build Your Brand Choreographer

  • Barre Body Instructor Certification

  • Dana Foglia Dance Training Programs Alum

Teaching Experience

  • Black Dog Yoga

  • IDA, International Dance Academy, Hollywood

  • Hyperslow

  • Corepower Yoga

  • Yoga Works

  • Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles

  • YogaVibe

  • Movement Lifestyle, The Studio

  • The Main Barre, Downtown Los Angeles

  • Your Neighborhood Studio, Downtown LA/Culver City

  • Barre Body Pacific Beach, San Diego

  • UC San Diego Recreation Center, La Jolla

  • Dance Mode Studio, San Carlos, CA


  • Dance: hip hop, jazz, house, lyrical/contemporary, modern, ballet, acrobatics, contortion 12 years

  • Yoga: 8 years practicing, 5 years teaching

  • Barre: 6 years teaching barre

  • Bachelor of Science at UC San Diego

Dance Companies

  • The Toledo Show

  • Luma Dance Theater

  • Culture Shock Los Angeles Dance Troupe

  • Sinfully Sweet Burlesque Company

  • Movement Project

  • 220 Second to None

  • UC San Diego Dance Team

Featured Choreography

  • Club Jeté

  • Carnival Choregrapher's Ball

  • Urban Paradise Dance Competition

  • USA/NDA Nationals 2011

Featured Dancer

  • Grammy's Promo with E! Network & Laurieann Gibson

  • Eclipse with Troupe Vertigo

  • Club Jeté, Carnival Choreographer's Ball

  • "Turn Me On" by Chase Bell

  • "Something Just Like This" by Texas Drew & Dani ReVaughn

  • Z Lala backup dancer, Las Vegas and Palm Springs Pride

Other Features

  • SUPERHUMAN on FOX Contestant (Season 1, ep. 4)

  • Digital Domain MoCap Performer

  • Upcoming FX Series Promo Dancer