DAY TEN! 30 Days of Empowering Choice


Congrats on being 1/3 done with our empowering choice journey. How are you feeling? Anything exciting opening up? I’ll share some of my exciting stuff with you tomorrow!


So yesterday I sent out a video about the 5 second rule. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, check it out when you can!

I’ll sum it up so you still get the gist. Essentially, the 5 second rule is a tactic to get you to do what you know you need to do: get out of bed, speak up at your job, have a real talk with your partner, whatever. And here’s why it works: our brain is wired to protect us, not to help us face challenges. So naturally, it does everything it can to avoid fearful things. Which is why, we are such amazing excuse makers! Which is why, when your alarm goes off, your brain immediately comes up with all the reasons why you should stay in bed, or when you want to speak up about something controversial at work, your brain immediately reminds you of the risks. Often, this gets stretched out so much, that we know what we have to do, or what we want to do, but we just can’t make it happen. The excuses run our lives.

So the 5 second rule is literally a countdown, 5-4-3-2-1, that you say when you feel that you want to do something. The 5 second countdown is a way to cut off the excuses and get up and do it anyway. 

I actually used this this morning to get up! Despite soreness and sleepiness and exhaustion...This definitely does NOT always work for me - haha! - but, my biggest take away from it personally, is that fear is going to be there. Our brain is designed to protect us from scary things, so it’s really good at making us feel that scary things are not good for us. That’s why excuses are so powerful; and avoiding confrontation is common. But the thing is - an authentic life takes commitment to confrontation. (Again, not with a bear…but with these inauthentic fears). It takes the willingness to see whats really there, even if its scary or yucky. And the sooner we accept that those excuse-making voices will always be there, the easier it is to turn the volume down, and ignore them when appropriate. :)