DAY FOURTEEN! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Happy Monday :)

So last night I watched IT, that scary movie about a clown demon. The clown comes around every 27 years to haunt little children. But what’s interesting about the clown, is he’s only visible and only real to children. Their parents can’t even see when they are like covered in blood and stuff. The main group of kids figures this out, and realizes that the clown feeds off of individual fears. So they see what they are afraid of, and it seems vividly real, but actually none of it is, and you only get affected by the clown if you believe in it. 

In their quest to conquer the clown, they must realize he’s not real in the moment, and stand up to him. Of course this got me thinking about fear, changing the context, and creating a reality that you want. And what it really takes to see that inauthentic fear, and let it go. As they were standing up facing the clown, saying “I’m not afraid of you,” I was curled in a ball in my chair so afraid for them haha. I realized that’s what we have to do as well. It’s obviously way less extreme, and the fear is less of physical danger and more of mental/emotional stress, but it’s quite similar. We have to look at the thing that scares us, and actually believe it’s not real, sometimes in the moment when it feels so vividly real. 

What does it take to do that? Often it’s a letting go of something we desperately want (approval, comfort, love, stability, etc). Take a look at the things that “haunt” you. What would it take to let those go in the moment they creep up? At least it’s not a scary clown ;) !!