DAY FIFTEEN! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning!


Yesterday, I had the beautiful opportunity to confront one of these choices - fear or faith. Silly example, but I love (and also sometimes hate) how relevant this stuff is! It shows up literally everywhere.


So I’m in Orlando for a dance/acrobatic job, and we had half of a day off, and everyone wanted to go to Disneyworld. I don’t particularly care about or like Disney stuff, so I originally opted to stay at the hotel, get my yoga on, work, explore, etc. And I was really excited about it! And then - they told me they could get me in for free. hmmmm. So I thought about it. I let the money and the peer pressure get to me, and I became indecisive off and on for a few hours during rehearsal. 


What I realized after doing my resistance to each exercise, is that, I only wanted to go to Disneyworld for Fear Of Missing Out. Yes. FOMO. And I knew that, because I knew I didn’t actually care about Disney, and I did actually care about my work. However, I also sat with the value that I am with a new cast of dancers, ones that I like but don’t know very well, ones that I would like to work with again and would like to make a good impression on. I want to be included, not only for my precious ego (hah), but for my growth in my dance/acrobatic career. 


So, despite my silly fear being my original driver, I made a context shift and I decided to go based on the value of connection, and network building. And I had a great time! But here’s the caveat - I was right. Disney was not fun, and it was not of interest. And besides the fact that I obviously enjoy being right (hah), it was also a reminder that, when I let the fear of missing out choose for me, I end up missing out on what I really want. Again, it was ok in this instance because I was aware of it, but an important reminder for what I want to create in my life/the message I’m sending out in to the universe. 


Stand for yourself, and what you want. And when you don’t, cultivate the willingness and awareness to notice that, and decide to create a context that you enjoy and care about. 


In the end, I came home a little early, and got some work done on things I’m excited about building. 


You guys - we can have it all. ;)