DAY SIXTEEN! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning!


I am heading back to LA! And I realized, we made it halfway through! If you get a chance over the next few days, I’d love to hear from you through email, text, phone call - about anything you’ve discovered over the past two weeks. Have you started to heighten your awareness of faith versus fear in your life? Do you see any new possibilities, or any pesky habits that are holding you back? Do you feel lighter, or overwhelmed with information? Do you have any feedback for me?

As you can tell, I’ve been getting a whole lot from this. Being accountable to thinking deeply every day about a subject, one that I happened to be fascinated with, has been quite magical. Doors have opened, trauma and emotional baggage has disintegrated, and growth is continuous and ever-shifting. 

Thanks for being interested, whether or not you’re on top of reading these every day! I am grateful, and excited to grow with you :).

With love,