DAY ONE! 30 Days of Empowering Choice! Happy New Year!



Thank you for joining me, and signing up to receive daily emails for 30 days. I will send you an email every morning at 9 am, so you can begin your day with something to think about and focus on! That being said, I am in this with you, so some days will be me simply sharing my thoughts and experiences, other days, I may have activities for you to try, or articles for you to read, if you are so inclined. Feel free to respond, ask questions, share, participate, or log off as much as you’d like. My hope is simply to raise our vibration a little bit when it comes to making positive, empowering choices that are in line with who we really are, and what we truly stand for. 


On day one, I would like to just bring the focus to the topic. At every moment, we have a choice, we can act (or not act) from fear, or from faith. And while I’m tempted to say it’s more complicated than that - it doesn’t have to be. It’s pretty simple. That being said, this is not the only thing going on at every moment, and it’s not necessarily the most important or anything like that, but it is significant, in that it dictates how we live our life. For example, as I sat down to draft this email, I found myself picking up my phone, getting up to get water, checking other emails and even getting distracted with completely separate to-dos! hah! Those distracting actions were simply me avoiding the fear that comes with writing this. The fear of not being able to think of anything to say, or it not being inspirational enough, or you guys not wanting to read it, or whatever! And instead of just sitting at my computer and working through it, my brain played tricks on me, telling me I needed to do all these things first. Now, this is a silly example, but it shows you how prevalent this sneaky thing called fear is in our lives. Subtle, sneaky, but incredibly present. 


We will go into further detail about some more impactful examples, how to face bigger decisions, and some personal shares soon, but in the meantime, I challenge you today to find one moment where you catch yourself acting out of fear. It could be something small like mine, or perhaps it’s more significant, like not speaking up at work because your boss scares you, or hanging up on a friend because they hurt you, or caving in to someone pressuring you for fear of them not liking you. 


Two quick things to note:

  1. This exercise is not to have you hating yourself for that, or even changing your decision because of it. We will get more into that. For now, just start to notice it, maybe even laugh at it!
  2. Note that I’m not talking about fear of like, getting in a car accident, or fear of a bear chasing you - those are instances when fear actually helps us make quick decisions. I’m talking about subtle, inauthentic fear like fear of not being liked, fear of someone leaving you, fear of losing a job. This is “inauthentic” because those things are not actually happening right now. They are worry about the future, and perhaps even things that are totally not relevant. 



Good luck, and have fun giggling at yourself for avoiding your left side splits, or not calling your mom. :D


Share with me/friends if you’d like!


(PS - I added a handful of you from my existing email list. See below if you do not want to participate. No worries at all, xo). 


With love and excitement for us entering this next chapter with power,


Jessie, xo