DAY TWENTY-FOUR! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning!!!


So yesterday after my coffee story I got a lot of responses about similar experiences with coffee or other substances, and it was really cool to see you guys relate and open up some awareness there! So how does this really apply to real life? (Like, career steps, relationships, etc). 


Last night I was talking with my dad about working out and eating right, and what it takes to actually do that. In my experience personally and with others, two things seem to come up when people do this: 1) they either go at from a place of really hating themselves, so that when they are doing it they end up just feeling full of guilt and never good enough and end up not getting the results they want and suffering a lot along the way; or 2) they go into from a place of acceptance and excitement to be better and they actually get results and they are feeling better and look great, but with this new power in their lives, they have a whole new set of problems/obstacles that they aren’t ready for so they slowly stop. 


Number 2 is essentially the same thing as the coffee story. We see our own power, our own capability, and we don’t know what to do with it. Coming back to our superheros - with great power, comes great responsibility, and truly, you have to be willing to take that on. 


I encourage you today to take a look at an area in your life that you would like to improve. Note that sustainable improvement comes from a place of total acceptance and love, so ask yourself if you are truly loving this part of you. Or what’s in your way of you doing that? And then, look a little deeper and notice if you are actually ready to be where you want to be. And if not, why not? You might consider journaling to organize your thoughts. 


*Something that helps me get to the root of it is to ask “why?” over and over again like a child. Ok but why do I do that? Ok but why do I feel that way? Ok but why does that matter to me? Ok but why did that hurt me, or why does that scare me? And keep going until you hit the core of it! 


Let me know what comes up! :)