DAY TWENTY-FIVE! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Happy Friday :)


I am waking up today looking over the sunrise over the ocean, as we embark on day 2 of the yoga retreat. I am feeling incredibly grateful and inspired. I want to share that with you all because I am so appreciative of you signing up to be a part of this email experience, and whether or not you’ve read all the emails, I’ve grown a lot from being able to write to you. Thank you <3. 


Today, I’ll offer another activity. Speak with one person in your life about what you’ve learned from these last 24 days. We will start to open up the conversation to be not only within this email, myself and you, but also within your circle. 


As you begin to communicate with those that you care about, start to think about what could be possible within your relationships if you get a little more honest, authentic, and responsible for your own happiness. Start to be the creator of your life. 


Notice what comes up in communicating - is it easy or difficult? Are you able to be totally honest, or do some fears pop back in?


Have fun :)