DAY TWENTY-SIX! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning!

How’s it goin? HOME STRETCH! You know, it’s funny when we do self-work stuff, because if you’re interested in it, you definitely like to talk about it, learn about it, read about it, etc. But applying it is quite different isn’t it? Since two days ago when I presented activities for you to try I haven’t heard from anyone! Whereas before I was hearing from at least someone every day. hehe. I love it though because this is the practice of exactly what we are talking about! It’s happening now, in real time. 

I often do that too. In my head I’m like, “wow I’ve gotten so much better at not needing validation, I feel motivated by my purpose, and clear headed”. And then I catch myself doing it again, like within that instant. So yes, perhaps I’m much better, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to upkeep. Just like working out, when you get in shape you don’t get to stop. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment. It’s a constant journey, and there will always be new layers. 

Yesterday, during the retreat, my beautiful friend and cook mentioned something that I think is important here: we will always have more to work on. Always. But let that be a relief. We are not reaching for the perfect place where we are perfect and we never have to work again. We are fully loving and accepting ourselves, and are also committed to working on ourselves to be a little better each day. A little more faithful, or fearless, or loving, or authentic, or powerful. 

So ask yourself what’s important to you, and how you can show up for that right now? And if you can’t in all ways yet, that’s totally cool. But notice if it’s excuses based on fear that are taking you down. At least then you know, and you can learn from it for next time. :)

With lots of love,