DAY TWENTY-EIGHT! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning, and Happy Monday! 

As we enter into our last few days of this adventure, I’ll say a couple of things. First, this work is mostly just meant to heighten awareness within yourself. I had a woman at my retreat this weekend realize for the first time that she was the one stopping herself from being herself. And this is pretty much always true. Not to say circumstances and other people aren’t real challenges, but that we always have the power to choose within that, and therefore we are responsible for our lives - the good and the bad. From this I hope you can start to see a little more clearly how you make choices, and how you direct your life. Start to bring the unconscious into the conscious. 

Second, there is a pitfall with this work - being so worried about doing something inauthentically, or based on fear, that you end up getting stuck, or again living in fear. Note that, just by being aware of it, you release it’s power over you. Admitting it really is the first step, as they say. And you’re still going to stop yourself, or be fearful, or lose some power in your life from time to time, in fact, probably all the time. And that’s totally ok! In fact its necessary to continue to learn :). As we grow, our challenges grow too, so be ready for them!

Third, you CAN have it all! Nothing is black and white, it is all a mosh-mosh of grays. (Wow, can’t believe I just accidentally used the analogy ’50 shades of grey’, but there it is! lol). What I mean is, you can have your fear, and move forward anyway. You can have your husband, and have your life. You can stay in your career, and have it be what you want it to be. You can change your career and stay on top of your finances. This fear stuff is not to say, either your fearful, or your faithful and that’s that. It’s to say, “hey fear, thank you for protecting me and showing up to teach me things.” And to then decide your actions. Decide how you want things to go. 

You guys have been sharing some really lovely things, and I am excited to see how this catapults us forward in even just a slightly more aware, faithful, intentional way.