DAY THIRTY!!! 30 Days of Empowering Choice Complete!

Congratulations on traveling through this journey with me! My hope is that you feel at least a little more empowered to confront your life through faith, rather than fear. A little more willing to be there for yourself and see your truth. A little more willing to let go of fears and doubts that stop you! 

Since doing this project I have noticed myself go through changes. I am way more present with what’s really going on with me. I am able to catch my defenses way quicker than ever before. They haven’t disappeared, and probably never will, but they are getting weaker and short lived. 

Because I have loved this experience so much, I’m going to continue trying this blog thing. This time, I will post to my website, and will have the post go straight to your inbox! (I’ve noticed that sometimes this goes to your promotions folder if you have gmail. I am working on fixing that, but just keep a look out, and move it over to primary if you find it!) 

In the meantime, feel free to write me with things you learned, feedback for how this could have been better (I’ll probably do it again), and topics you’d like to learn about/discuss in the future! I’ll take requests ;). 


If you’re interested in deepening your practice of faith, self-love, awareness, check out my upcoming yoga retreats. We do a lot of this type of work, and it has shown to be pretty transformative! 

Love you guys. Have a wonderful week and year!!!