DAY THREE! 30 Days of Empowering Choise

Hello lovely people!


Yesterday I got a lot of feedback from you guys, which was amazing. It was nice personally to see that others experience similar things, and it was also a reminder that - WE ALL DO! Sometimes I get feedback based on social media from friends/family members saying “Jessie you seem to be really struggling, are you okay?”. And I just giggle! Because I think it sometimes seems that way, because I am super honest and open about what I’m going through. And my point is this: we all go through it. Literally, 100% of humans. Whether it takes on the same form as me is a different thing, but we all have some version of these same barriers. Speaking to it is a part of getting to know yourself in a real way, and not only that but speaking to it may just give someone else permission to see what’s really going on with them. It may not be for everyone, because it can be challenging, so I’ll start this morning off by saying - PROPS TO YOU GUYS for showing up to uncover some of this stuff about yourself. It shows your courage and willingness to grow. I LOVE that so much. 


So going back to the question from yesterday: when we get caught in fear, how do we switch it? Well, I think a good place to start is to look at what motivates you to do the things you do, or to make the choices you make. And to be extremely honest about it. For instance, in a yoga class, when I’m pushing myself to take the most challenging variation, I almost always pause and ask myself, “am I doing this to be impressive? or is this the variation my mind and body truly needs today?”. A lot of you are yogi’s or take class with me specifically, so you might check that one out. If you’re a dancer - same thing, or any career/hobby/activity has it’s version of this, especially if there is a social aspect to it. And not that one is bad or wrong (be clear on that! especially because sometimes being a dancer means you have to show off to book the job, etc, lol), but that, if you are choosing something to be impressive, that is essentially for fear of not being cool or not being good enough or whatever wording you’d like to use. Whereas, choosing it because your body feels strong and you are ready to push to the next step, is faith. It is faith in yourself, and it is based on your value of bettering yourself. *Be careful - these feel very similar!*


A couple things to note before I leave you for today:

  1. that sometimes the thing you think is fear is not, and sometimes the thing you think is faith is not. For instance, if I were auditioning for a job and wanted to be impressive in order to book it, perhaps I’m making choices to be impressive, but in many cases, it would be from a place of faith: that I am capable of booking this job. This is a fine line!
  2. looking into these fears can be overwhelming and confusing. I want to remind you to keep this light. There is no bad or wrong in this process. And I hope I can help you see that by showing you that I’m in it every single day too! It’s just part of life. The more we can accept it, say hey to fear, and keep going, the more efficiently and fulfilled we get to live :). 


More tips and ideas on how to uncover this stuff to come. In the meantime, feel free to connect with me, share with me, ask me questions. 


With love,