DAY SIX! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Happy Sunday lovely people :)

It’s been such a pleasure emailing you everyday. Seriously. It has really had me get off on the right foot. 


Did anyone try the activity from yesterday yet? It’s a good one, especially if you don’t know what to do! 


So, once you look at the resistance to each, notice what is really going on. If you’re resistant to something because of fear, imagine doing that thing you’re resistant to. Try it on mentally. See if you are willing to let that fear go. 


Earlier I mentioned authentic fear versus inauthentic fear. So here’s the thing: authentic fear is something that is actually happening the moment. A bear is chasing you. People are throwing tomatoes at you on stage. Whatever. Inauthentic fear is a made up scenario, created in our heads. It’s a story. A fictional, not real story. If the fear is authentic, there is actually a bear chasing you, you better act. (And hopefully, by strengthening this faith over fear process, you will be able to more easily access that faith part. The part that heard if you puff up your chest and start yelling and banging on things the bear will turn away, and has faith and goes for it).  Fight or flight baby. Good luck.


If it’s inauthentic on the other hand, it gets interesting. It’s a made up story in your head, so it’s not real. However, if it’s something like “he could leave me” or “they won’t like me” or “I won’t find a job”, it’s definitely something that could possibly happen. So here’s your task: accept that that’s a possibility. If you can accept that it’s a possibility, you’ve already let the fear go. It no longer has control over you. If you cannot yet accept it, that’s ok. Be honest with yourself and love yourself within the barriers that you’re working with. Communicate those fears to the other party that your actions affect, and be clear that it’s something you’re working on. I mean, let’s be real, fighting your fears by forcing it isn’t always the best way. Be patient with yourself so you can actually get to a place where it becomes exciting, easy even, not the end of the world. 


As always, just seeing it is the first, BIG, step. Acknowledge yourself for it! 


This article popped up on my feed yesterday. Facebook creepily knows…



Next week we will stepping into switching out of the fear! Don’t worry, you’re not stuck here forever.