DAY EIGHT! 30 Days of Empowering Choice

Good morning :)


So this week we will start to look at how to then act from faith. I started yesterday with my story, which complicates things a bit in terms of our attachment to our fears themselves. But today, let’s keep it real simple.


Sometimes, you realize you’ve been avoiding something or doing something because of fear, and immediately the fear takes a backseat, and you take action. Boom. For example, day one I wrote to you about avoiding writing this email because I was worried it wouldn’t be good enough (<— there it is!), so I was distracting myself. But then as soon as I realized I was doing that, within an instant I literally stopped distracting, sat down, and began writing. No questions. It was that simple because I was actually excited about this. There were a couple of lingering thoughts that were like “but don’t you need to get water first?” “what about answering that email?” or worse “are you sure you can even do this 30 day thing?”. But because I knew what I needed to do, the volume on those questions just turned wayyyyyy down, and I did the action regardless. 


One more example: I had a student taking my yoga class a few weeks ago when I read a passage from the book I was reading, which is where all of this faith over fear stuff started. ("Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss) After class he came up to me and asked, “so how do I figure out if I’m doing something because of fear?” He explained that he thought he might be staying at his job out of fear, and he really does not want to be there. We discussed it for a bit. A week later he took my class again, and this time he told me he quit his job and he was so excited! He heard the words, he saw the fear, and within just a few days, he knew what he needed to do. He got things in order, he had intentional, thoughtful talks with his boss and his team so as not to leave anyone hanging. And now he was free! Amazing!


Sometimes it’s this simple. Savor those moments ;)


Keep going.


With love,