Everything is FOR you

For the last 11 weeks, I have been hosting my first very own 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. I spent about a year and a half writing the 400 page manual, creating the syllabus, and planning and prepping. On Sunday, I had 13 students graduate, and become yoga teachers. To say I’m proud doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel. 

What was particularly special was not the fact that they can now teach yoga, although that was and is SO exciting, but that I think they really got what this yoga thing is. They understand how to apply it to their life, and to live it. They understand how to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. In fact, by the end of the weekend, they so powerfully reminded me of something I had taught them throughout the training, that I feel compelled to share it here. 

Everything is FOR you

This is a concept I talk about a lot. I believe this is fundamental and essential to self-growth in any way, because as soon as you can start to see things as lessons, or eye openers, or challenges that help you grow in some way, the whole world shifts. My teacher trainees impressed me by coming back to this throughout the program. One women shared about how it felt like they could not fail during my training, simply because of this frame of reference. Because if they did, “fail”, it was seen as a learning opportunity, which felt safe, supported, and growth oriented. 

So how can we take that into our lives? Because truly, life can be just the same.

Well, yesterday, this concept was really present for me, so I shared it with my morning class. (If you’re a yoga teacher or a life coach, you know that, whenever you share something, that something always comes back to you!) So of course, when I finished class, I checked my phone and saw that I had a cancellation for my upcoming Take It Off Yoga Retreat experience. I’ve had various people interested over the last month or so, but only one sign up. And there she went. This was followed by a meeting with a student that was going to enroll, who also shared that she is not quite sure about signing up. That, in addition to having a lower-than-normal crowd for my upcoming Info Night, woke me up. 

Now, I will admit I was a little sad and fearful about these cancellations, among other things that hit me throughout the day. However, I quickly came into the lens of everything is for me. I knew the answer wasn’t to get upset and worried, try to fix things, or get hasty and make any decisions. The answer was to step back, and listen. What is this trying to tell me?, I asked. What about my energy needs to shift? Or what decisions or changes do I need to be open to? How can I create what I want, authentically and powerfully? These shifts are not for me to get upset by, or get held back by. Rather, these shifts are an opportunity for me to check in. 

Now, I go to work. I journal, I meditate, I open myself up to receive. AND, I keep working towards what I’m building - my retreat. I’ve already uncovered some really big discoveries, and I know I have more to go. That is my mission this week.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, it’s time you check out my retreats. Take It Off is a brand that I created after being sick of fears and insecurities holding me back, and finally seeing how to rise above the grip they had on me. I did a nude photoshoot in nature one day about 2 years ago, and the power I felt from stepping through all those limiting beliefs was incredible. And the love I felt looking at my photos, and seeing myself as I truly am, for the first time ever, was life-changing. These retreats are about that. Changing lives. And not because your life is currently bad, but because you deserve to live a life you LOVE, in a body you LOVE. This retreat is about figuratively and literally taking off layers that weigh you down. This retreat is about getting to the roots of what hold you back from being fully you, and actually starting to get rid of them, so that you can embrace what you want and who you want to be in this life. Through the lens of seeing that everything is for you, this retreat is not an escape, but rather, an opportunity to look your fears in the face, and through love and responsibility, transcend them. 

Imagine what could be possible without the “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough,” story, or the one about how you have to look a certain way to get what you want, or perhaps, the one that says “no one will like me.” Without those stories ruling your subconscious life, you are unstoppable. 

As one of my beautiful teacher trainees shared, “I’m not a fool and think I’m invincible now, however, I feel a lot more comfortable knowing and acknowledging that mental blocks are a real thing, and no matter what they are, you’re capable of overcoming it, whatever it may be.” 

This week I’m listening for what’s there. What’s there for me to see. 

Are you? 


Check out retreat info HERE.

If you’re interested in simply talking about this stuff in person, come to Info Night this Thursday (tomorrow) October 4, at 8:30 pm. RSVP by emailing me HERE, and I’ll send you the address.