Get Real

Caroline Myss says that all illness involves the throat chakra, the energetic center of authentic truth in the body. Myss describes herself as a medical intuitive: someone who can intuit, or acquire knowledge without proof, medical conditions in a person, simply by hearing their name or speaking to them briefly. She claims this “power” is not magic nor luck, but rather, it is something that can be taught. She actually has a system for how it works, and how to apply it. 

She breaks down the ways in which your energy contributes to the physical condition of your body. For instance, she claims that low back pain is usually attributed to money problems. In short, this is because the low back is part of the sacral chakra, which governs things like money, power, sex, pleasure, etc. Very commonly, therefore, stress in the financial realm, leads to low back tension or more serious problems. 

So why am I telling you this? Well, first of all, because it’s FASCINATING. (If you’re interested, go to, or purchase her book, “The Anatomy of the Spirit”, to get a more in-depth look at what she has to offer.) Second of all, because what this means is that, every time something is wrong in your physical being, it is related to your authenticity. And I think that’s worth looking at. 

The throat chakra, in short, is about communication and honesty. It is located in the throat (+ neck, jaw, mouth, etc). It is about expressing your thoughts and emotions, communicating them to others effectively, and being in integrity (as in, you do as you say). Perhaps the most important aspect of this is that, in order for it to function smoothly, you must be honest with yourself first. In order to authentically share with others, you must be able to admit it to you. 

When studying yourself, this can be really tricky because of all the things that influence your understanding of yourself. For instance, your family has an idea of who you are, and therefore every time they see you, they comment on how “you” you’re being, and that paints a picture in your head of what it means to be you. And here’s the tricky part, even if they are saying something pleasant, like, “you are such a good person” it can distort your vision of yourself. If you have a particular definition in your head of what it means to be a good person, and you know you’ve done things that aren’t in line with that, you’re going to start to dislike yourself in some way. You may even begin to hide those things, because, everyone (including yourself) thinks you are a good person, so you can’t be ok with those things about yourself. It then becomes increasingly difficult to be yourself, for fear of losing that label (or worse, getting another, negative label). 

Going forward, you may go as far as exaggerating, or even lying, about your actions, or it may be more subtle like, telling yourself you did something to help someone else, when really it was for your own personal gain, for example. But no matter how subtle, you’ve begun to taint the throat chakra energy. 

Now, before I go on, let me tell you: ALL of our chakras are tainted, out of balance, and being messed with all the time! So don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re bad, or wrong, or doomed. However, it is useful to be aware of because if every illness of the body is related to honesty, then being more aware of it will help keep you more healthy. (Yes, it will.) 

The other day, my friend shared something with me that I thought was interesting. He defined three types of gaining knowledge:

  1. learned knowledge: something that you’ve heard before, or read about, but don’t fully believe it, or live it. 

  2. understood knowledge (or the feeling of knowing): something that you’ve experienced and you so fully believe, that as soon as you see it, you need no further explanation or analyzation, you just get it. 

  3. mastered knowledge: something that you’ve learned, understood, practiced, and have mastery over. You automatically apply it without thinking.

I think this is particularly useful here. For instance, with this information of what it takes to be authentic, we have these three levels of knowledge. 1) We may have learned this, and see how we might be lying to ourselves, but we don’t totally believe that WE are doing it, nor that it is necessary to look at, so we don’t live it. 2) We’ve learned this, and we understand it. We know how to check ourselves and our intentions. We still catch ourselves after the fact from time to time, and realize we messed up and weren’t honest, but we understand that that’s what happened, and we know how to communicate it and clean it up. 3) We’ve mastered this. We are always 100% honest with our intentions and the way we communicate, without fear or hiding or questioning. We are practiced and fluent in this level of realness, even when it reflects badly on us. 

So, as always, we begin by becoming aware. If we can take in the information and begin to apply it to ourselves, we slowly become more and more authentic, simply by seeing. I invite you to incorporate this self-honesty into your life. It takes a desire to, and a willingness to see when you are not who you think you are. It’s tough, but once you get to the “understanding” phase, you get to really connect with yourself. You get to speak your truth more often than not, and even when you don’t, you get to discover that, and rekindle a deep honesty. And not to mention, the next time you get a sore throat, you can literally cure it by looking at the way your living in your voice, your truth, your authenticity. 

Get real. Allow yourself to heal from the inside out.