DO What Makes You Wiggle

For the last 2 months, I’ve been thinking about switching my blog to a vlog. I had been feeling stale, and uninspired in sharing my blog. It was becoming more of a chore, and less of an exciting connection (like it was in the beginning).

But here’s the thing: every time I thought about creating VLOG’s instead of writing blogs, my whole system freaked out. I went into what I call “figure out mode”, where I was calculating, and weighing. I was looking at all the possible ways I could do it, and all the possible reasons I couldn’t, or shouldn’t. And while that of course is beneficial, let’s be real: it was OVER analytical. In fact, it was a tactic I use to STOP myself from moving forward, because once I’ve looked at all the circumstances around it, it feels easy to say, “nah, I can’t make that happen.”

So instead of shying away. I kept going.

What I noticed was this: when I am squirming, procrastinating, wiggling around as if I am terribly uncomfortable - THAT’S when I know I’ve hit gold! Time to act.

So, long story short, I thought about doing this 1000 different ways. And instead of working really hard to curate the perfect vlog, here is my real self. Here is me just being a baby, and sharing that with you. Here is how my brain actually works, and a peak into the shit that I go through everyday.

And let’s be real. Here’s a peak into what you go through every day too (albeit perhaps in different form). Look at those moments of fear, of wiggle, of avoidance, and start to see: THAT’S FRICKIN EXCITEMENT. Let’s do this.

Let me just tell you. When I was first posting this on youtube last week, I literally squealed out loud at a cafe. Luckily, the woman next to me heard me, is a life coach, and encouraged me to keep going. Hah!

Now it’s your turn. What did you hear in what I shared? Where are the moments you worry about what others think, and judge yourself talking, and want to just bail? What are you currently wiggling about, and is there room to lean into it?

Don’t worry, we have our whole lifetime to do so ;).

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