To Look Good, or to Not Look Good

Look, if you can’t love yourself when you’re down, messy, dirty, making mistakes - you can’t honestly love yourself when you’re happy, sexy, fresh, and on point either!

If love were based on external factors like looks, validation, things going as planned, etc - we would never learn to fully love. So why not, address the messiest part of you.

I think it was David Goggins who said when he was at his lowest, what he did was get in a dark room, ALONE, and look at all his demons. Look at everything he hated about himself, and really just accept that it’s there. And from there, the work begins.

So here I am. In PJ’s, no make up, and no plans. I’m not saying I’ll never put myself together for you :), but I am saying - I’m not going to put myself together JUST SO I can get love, approval, likes, whatever! Not for this anyway.

That is ultimately my mission. And to be honest, if we are sticking with the “do what makes you wiggle” mantra, it is my raw self that gives me that wiggly feeling. I’ve done professional shoots. I could do my make up, edit the video, cut out all my pauses, and add some music. But I’m not going to. I’m not saying I never will, but I am saying, I will only do it when I actually think it will further the impact of these posts, not for my own self-worth.

Take a look.

When do you struggle to be authentic? To be yourself? I’ll be you it’s when you feel you need to put on a show for someone or something. Is it in dance class? Is it on the first date? Is it at work when all the big shots are in town?

And perhaps, instead of trying to live up to something, you could try going the other way. You could realize any ounce of performance that is not required for your job, and simply wiggle around in the discomfort.

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