YOU Are Powerful

I think we underestimate how much we CO-create the world around us. Meaning, it’s so easy to blame external forces for why something is not working, why we are not being our best, why we are not doing what we want to do.

But the truth is, we everyone has external circumstances right? Everyone has money to worry about, everyone has busy schedules (I mean, a lot of us), everyone has family obligations, everyone has difficult relationships, etc. We all have things to worry about. So why do some people transcend those circumstances and actually get what they want, and some don’t?

It’s simply the belief that those circumstances create your life, instead of the other way around.

When I studied abroad in Chile, I had a boyfriend. Apparently in Chile, many of the men tend to be babied by their moms….So one day, when he didn’t call, or didn’t show up or something like that, his excuse was that he had to do laundry.


Laundry. Hm. Ok? Yea…me too…? I wasn’t sure what to do with that haha.

Our external world has as much power over us as we let it. And I’ll even take that a step further - notice when the external world gets REALLY feisty. Like all of the sudden you feel SO overwhelmed, or burdened, or something. Because LIKELY, that is GOLD. That is how you know you’re pushing up against something that’s important to you. Walk through those circumstances baby!

When has this happened to you? Do you get the procrastination bug that takes you on instagram? Or do you find yourself cleaning, or doing menial tasks in order to occupy time? Pay attention to the world around you. It is simply a mirror of YOU, if you choose to see it through that lens.

Do what makes you wiggle! ;)

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