Create Every Moment

Where in your life do you feel obligation? I’ve found lately that some of the things that were super exciting a year ago, have just felt like a drag. They are feeling heavy, energy draining, and frustrating (especially when it doesn’t go as planned).

For me, what I’ve realized is that part of what I want to live fully and authentically - is consistent creation. Meaning, I am always creating FRESH. Not simply regurgitating, not simply doing as I’m told, or because I think I should.

It seems like that requires so much focus, or effort, but in reality - it is simply the art of being PRESENT. In each moment, the mind/body/heart need different things. So, constant creation is simply being available for the divine to come through you at any moment. That’s how the magic happens. Less forcing. More opening.

Of course I said, “let’s talk about you”….and then spent 5 minutes talking about me :)

So really, if creating is just ACTUALLY being present, then we are creating all the time! But the problem is, if we aren’t aware, we end up creating more of the same. And not only that, but often more of what we say we don’t want.

Get real, get present. What are you creating in your relationship? Career? Meal planning? Hobbies? Art projects? Are you really available and present, or are you riding on an expectation?

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