Can't Touch This!

When I watch these videos, half of me is enjoying them, and the other half of me is hating every single word I say and movement I do. On days/times when I’m feeling a little down, it’s like 20/80.

You see, I know I’m being stupid. Awkward. Silly. Cute. Weird. Sometimes selfish, or pointless, or irrelevant, or maybe even plain wrong.

But because I know that, and in the moment what I’m saying and doing is actually true for me, I actually don’t care. I already agree with all of the possible scrutiny! Whereas, when I was writing my blog from a place of worrying if I was doing good enough, not being good enough would have been ultimate heart break.

I get that when sometime says something negative, or simply not positive, about something you really put your heart into, it can hurt. But check yourself when it does. Does it hurt because it’s really your truth? Or is it because there was some part of you that was hanging on its success, or like-ability, in order to feel more whole?

Often, when it's truly authentic, it doesn’t even matter what other people think. Because it’s simply you being you.