The way to be self-LESS, is to be self-ISH

Look, sometimes I’m fed up with myself. Sometimes I feel like, “really? THIS? AGAIN?”

And yet, here it is, AGAIN.

People pleasing.

Whether or not you think you do it, it’s worth listening to and questioning. The more I look, the more I realize it’s EVERYWHERE.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things for your friends. Favors are great. Presents are lovely.




Are you doing it for approval?

Are you doing it to “not hurt their feelings”?


Are you actually doing it for YOURSELF, and your LOVE of this person?

The way to be self-less, is to be self-ish.

In what ways are you showing up really authentically for yourself and your loved ones? And in what ways are you not? Where are you doing things because you think you should, because other people expect you to, or because you don’t want to let someone down?

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