Selfish Desires

Do you know what it is you actually want? I mean truly. How often is your decision based on other’s people needs, society’s shoulds, or some expectation of what “will be best”, that may or may not be something your mind made up?

The moment that I share about in the video was pretty intense for me. It was the first time I clearly saw how tied-in my desires are to other people’s opinions. And not just for my own validation, but simply because I would SO rather be agreeable, than do what I want.

Which…is fine…sometimes. Like, if I want to be giving and passive in my decision making with certain people, sure! Maybe it works better with certain people.

But if I have no idea I’m doing it…and I’m constantly letting other people and circumstances make decisions for me….uh oh…

I’d love to hear your examples. Like I mentioned, I’m sure it’s mostly a female thing - but men, does this happen to you? Are you able to clearly state and act upon what it is that you want? Or do you get stuck worrying about what someone else will think? Or what you “should” be doing?

If you’re uncertain, START LOOKING!

I recorded this a few weeks ago - I’m not even joking when I say my life has changed since then! :D Wake up. What do you actually want?