When you are TRYING to get something, you are not BEING the person that gets it

Here’s the thing: if you want something, check yourself. OFTEN, the thing that you want is actually a means to an end.

For instance, “I want to be 125 lbs”, MIGHT actually be, “I want to be 125 lbs SO THAT I can be good enough/liked/sexy/etc”.

It is so often linked with our own self-worth. So, by trying to be 125 lbs, I’m now not only putting all my value on my ability to achieve this goal, but I am also not embodying a stable 125 lb person, I am only embodying someone who needs to be 125 lbs in order to prove that they are OK.

So, it doesn’t mean don’t have goals, or work towards what you really want. It just means, be honest with your intention behind it. If you are simply using this goal or desire as a means to prove that you are good enough (in any way), chances are - you’ll end up just as disappointed, if not more.

Where have you done this? Where have you overcome it? It’s interesting to talk about it, because it’s so sneaky! Sometimes it shows up in the places you’d least expect it!

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