Get To Know Yourself Workshops

Yoga. Dance. Self-development.


Get To Know Yourself Workshops are about connecting to yourself via discussion, meditation, and movement.

In this world of auditions, instagram likes, and celebrity level standards, it is extremely important that we take the time to listen to ourselves, not simply the world around us. It is easy, and tempting even, to live a life for other people. It is almost expected of us to be what we “need” to be for our industry, our significant others (or potential), our family, etc. And at times, that can be easier, but much less fulfilling.

In this class, you get the explicit opportunity to look at yourself, without worry of what others are thinking, or worry of being good enough or sexy enough or strong enough for the choreographer, etc. The atmosphere is designed to be safe and open, so that we can truly look within and confront what is going on. Not simply to feel things, although that’s lovely, but to actually move past our barriers, and become more of who we actually are.

We use discussion, journaling, meditation, and movement to access ourselves from all angles, and leave feeling a little more free.

DONATIONS ONLY. $10 recommended. Don’t let money stop you. <3