Take It Off is a unique, women's-only, yoga retreat experience consisting of daily yoga, inspirational discussions, self-discovery, personal transformation, a natural photoshoot adventure, and more. Jessie will guide you on a journey that allows you to "take off" the layers, so to speak, that cover up, or get in the way of, who you really are. Layers such as hurt, trauma, fear, social standards or outside influencers, etc. 

What does that mean? Well, this retreat is a little different. It was inspired by an experience Jessie had taking photos in nature. Oh and, the photos were nude. So this retreat includes the opportunity to take these very same photos, and to yes quite literally, take off the layers. Since doing this herself, and sharing and guiding others through it, Jessie has seen huge transformation in the way her and her students lead their lives. 


Why? Why does something as simple as bare or nude photos in nature create transformation? Well, for women specifically, this is not so simple, right? There are social structures that say we shouldn't do that (or we can't). There are beauty standards that say we are not good enough to do that, or not pretty enough or thin enough, etc. Not to mention our own standards of looking at our body, bare. But somehow, bare women in a beautiful setting is one of the most incredible pictures to look at. Any woman. Non-model, normal people kind of women, get to blossom here. They get to be themselves, and by being free, their true beauty radiates through the camera, out onto the page. 


So, what's stopping you? What's stopping you from joining in right now? And is that stopping you in your life? Take off that layer of resistance, and delve into a deeper, more authentic you. Whatever fears come up, we can confront them together. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to possibly do something uncomfortable and/or exciting, but its mostly an experience that will be a stepping stone in your growth process, whatever that may be.