I was SO impressed by your ability to create such a beautiful, loving and nurturing environment for a yoga retreat. This was by far the best yoga retreat I have been on from a self-growth and self-love standpoint, and I would love to do another one in the future. 1000% exceeded every expectation I had.
— Retreat participant
Permanently. I finally am allowed to love my body and myself.
— Retreat Participant
This retreat has effectively changed my view of myself, and in turn those around me. I wouldn’t give back this experience for anything. I am so full of love and gratitude for all of you. Thank you.
— Retreat Participant
The Take It Off retreat far exceeded my expectations for what a yoga retreat could be. Jessie and the other leaders created the most loving and authentic environment for self-growth, self-love, and bonding amongst us girls. I feel like I connected with the other women on the retreat on a much deeper level than I even do with a lot of my friends. Jessie’s extensive knowledge of yoga, teaching style and advanced practice were also incredibly inspiring. I hope to continue to learn from her in the future!
— Retreat Participant


She has an outstanding knowledge of human anatomy and is able to communicate that knowledge in a way that inspires curiosity. She is consistently uplifting and kind when she explains even the most challenging of concepts and I truly model most of my teaching style after hers. She is a calm and slow speaker and is able to articulate and conceptualize grand ideals into accessible phrases.
— Zoe Katsaros
First, I was amazed that she was not only in tune and knowledgeable with how the body works, she was in tune with what YOUR body was doing in that moment! She knew from experience, what the body’s tendencies were with every movement and she addressed them appropriately so you would reap the benefits from each pose, and not injure yourself. She is meticulous with her focus on form, and makes you really WANT to push yourself and “be honest with yourself”
— Regina Lee
You really helped me. I could notice a difference in myself in only three weeks of taking your class. Just the way I was more accepting of myself to make mistakes, and be happy with mess ups, because I can learn from everything.
— Jade
Jessie will challenge you, and make you use muscles you never knew existed.
— The Main Barre Client
I love this! Thank you, as always, for being super brave and open with sharing your journey and empowering others to join. You are an inspiration! Thank you for the constant reminder that I am the creator of my experience and to take ownership/responsibility for each moment that I invite to play out.
— Estevan Valdes


Her choreography is notoriously challenging and impressive. It is sensual, deep, story-telling, and leaves me in awe every time.